Whether she’s polishing her pilates skills or strength training with ropes – Janhvi Kapoor’s fitness mantra revolves around physical consistency. Vogue India (www.vogue.in) delivers an insight in Janhvis Kapoor`s philosophy.

A quick scroll through Janhvi Kapoor’s Instagram will reveal two things–one that she isn’t big on oversharing on social media, and two, she practices her fitness routine religiously. And, while you may only see a few posts of her lad in gym clothes, a true fan knows that the Gen-Z star has been polishing her pilates for years. Beyond that, Janhvi Kapoor’s fitness routine involves everything from rope and high-strength training to dancing.

1. Pilates for a whole body workout

Fun fact: Pilates was introduced originally to help athletes recover from injuries and gradually return to exercising in full form. Today, pilates has been manoeuvred to suit individual needs as it serves as a whole body workout. Kapoor’s fitness trainer Namrata Purohit shared its benefits in an Instagram post,“It engages the core, makes you work your obliques, works the arms and scapular stabilises.”

2. Try rope training

Traversing beyond the jump rope, Kapoor makes a case for rope training. The exercise which is known to improve flexibility, mobility and burn calories, is a high-intensity strength training workout. Beyond its multi-faceted movement benefits, pulling and lifting the rope inculcates balance in the upper and lower body, which also reduces chances of injury.

3. Grab a friend (or celebrity)

While we would all love to workout with Sara Ali Khan and their trainer Namrata Purohit, the idea is to rope in a friend or family member to support you through workouts. When someone is actively participating in a session alongside you’re likely to stick to commitments and stay motivated. And, not only does this nudge you to step out of the rut, it’s also good fun.

4. Master a new skill

Any form of dancing is good for the body and mind simultaneously. The release of endorphins is bound to elevate your mood and release stress after a hectic day. If you’re keen to challenge yourself try and learn a new dance form like bellydance as preferred by Kapoor. If not, it’s anyway a good cardio to burn calories and get your daily dose of movement in.

5. Eat a balanced meal

Pictured above Kapoor’s tribe is proof that you don’t need to resort to harsh diets and be all about that detox life to stay fit. On the contrary, preach and practice balance in all segments of your life, from diet to workouts. Ditch the keto and smoothie only days for nutritious meals and definitely incorporate cheat days in your lifestyle, as they work as motivational tools.

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