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Celebrity Fitness – VIPs or other prominent person who get and stay fit by fintess routine programms

Ananya Panday’s approach to fitness

Manifesting unfaltering dedication both on and off-screen, Ananya Panday's 'less is more' fitness mantra impugns the young actor's age. Often taking to social media to...

Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness Regimen For Extraction 2

Over the years, if you’ve watched the Marvel movies in order, you’ve seen Chris Hemsworth maintain an impeccable physique as the God of Thunder. Clearly,...

Biden turned 80 – what happens to fitness with age

As President Joe Biden turns 80 years old, his administration is forced to face fears that his advanced age affects his ability to do...

Billie Eilish Is A Gym Rat Now

Billie Eilish shared that she used to avoid working out, but now hits the gym daily. Eilish is officially a newly-minted gym-goer. During a recent...

Sayani Gupta`s focus on building body confidence and breaking monotony

Sayani Gupta’s empowering advance to fitness will serve you all the weekend motivation you need to keep going Seizing each day with a strapping sweat...

Billie Eilish Shared Her New Approach to Fitness: ‘I’m a Gym...

Billie Eilish is officially a newly-minted gym-goer. During a recent interview with Apple Music, the singer shared details about her Happier Than Ever tour, including...

The Brad Pitt ‘Fight Club’ Body Explained

FOR NEARLY 500 YEARS, Michelangelo’s David stood in tribute to the ideal male form, and it took Brad Pitt less than 20 seconds to destroy it. For...

Tracy Anderson Plants Her Stake for Sustainable Fitness

Wanting to see an end to environmentally harmful apparatus, the fitness entrepreneur is launching a sustainably sourced fitness box MyMode. “They’re vile, they’re literally...

Fitness Pro Tried Khloe Kardashian’s Butt Workout

A FITNESS professional has tried Khloe Kardashian's butt workout and was bewildered by how minimalistic and easy it was to complete. The Kardashian-Jenner clan is known...

Brie Larson Says Captain Marvel Inspired Her to Train

In recent years, Brie Larson has become a fitness inspiration in her own right — but it wasn't until after she was cast in "Captain Marvel" that she became serious...

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'The Punisher' Star Jon Bernthal's Diet and Fitness Regimen

‘The Punisher’ Star Jon Bernthal’s Diet and Fitness Regimen

Jon Bernthal practices method acting, which involves living the life of his character (Image via Instagram). Jon Bernthal is the kind of performer who...
Cher, 75, Reveals Her Intense Fitness Routine, Which Includes Yoga, Wall Sits, Abs, and Zumba

Cher Reveals Her Intense Fitness Routine

Age is only a numer, you may think, as prevention.com comes out with this news: Cher (75) reveals her intense fitness routine, which includes...
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Finding your healthy weight: Using the scale?

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Suprising health benefits of Yoga

Many persons and V.I.P.s swears by yoga - enough reason to dive deeper into the suprising health benefits of Yoga exercises. But celebrity endorsements...
Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet and fitness secrets as 37-year-old eyes fifth World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet and fitness secrets

Cristiano Ronaldo will captain Portugal as they prepare to face North Macedonia in a play-off match for a place in Qatar at the end...