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Kristin Cavallari Says She Is 'Really Proud' of Her Fitness Journey After Weight Gain

Kristin Cavallari Is ‘Really Proud’ of Her Fitness Journey

“I work out really hard and am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and I think just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I...

The power of the yoga exercises will help you

The power of the yoga exercises will help your body distribute blood and oxygen to your muscles and organs more effectively. The increased flow...
Shoulder Workout Routine

Shoulder Workout Routine: Grow Your Shoulders

Lifting a weight that's too heavy for you is an error despite the part of the body you're working, however it can be really disastrous when performing shoulder workouts. The shoulders are complex and delicate joints that are not specifically simple to target, and if you do put them under excessive pressure before they're ready you can wind up with injuries that put you out of action for months.
Simple, everyday activities can strengthen balance

Balance strengthening by everyday activities

Balance strengthening by simple, everyday activities - this is what Harvard Medical School points out. Balance is an essential part of maintaining health. It...
Billie Eilish Shared Her New Approach to Fitness: 'I'm a Gym Rat Now'

Billie Eilish Is A Gym Rat Now

Billie Eilish shared that she used to avoid working out, but now hits the gym daily. Eilish is officially a newly-minted gym-goer. During a recent...