Football legend David Beckham has been an inspiration for countless fans across the globe – some couldn’t help but admire his brilliant game while others were impressed with his dedication to fitness. Now 47, Beckham attributes his physique to a versatile workout regime including pull-ups, Sorinex glider routine, and more (source:

On Instagram, Beckham continues to share snippets from his workout regime. Not long ago, he shared a video of himself performing pull-ups. In another group of videos, he is seen performing elevated split squats, spot running, and box jumps.

Often, Mr Beckham was seen breaking a sweat with his favourite workout partner – his wife, Victoria Beckham. On a weekly basis the couple practices strength training together along with cardio workouts like planks.

Along with his celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, David Beckham has come up with the DB45 routine that includes several exercises for athletic and sports routines alike. Beckham, although not a fan of lunges, does not shy away from working out and performing the exercise when required.

A quick-paced cardio routine, this one involves 11 stations – one is football-themed. It includes midfield stations as well hat work on agility and defender stations targeting functional resistance training. These exercises are performed in sets of two at gaps of 32 to 23 seconds consecutively.

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