One often feels like skipping their workout, especially in winter; but it must be noted that in order to achieve one’s fitness goals, it is important to be consistent, hardworking, and extremely patient. So, if you ever feel like giving your workout a miss and need some inspiration, remember that Disha Patani recently hit the gym despite having a hectic work schedule — a peek of which Rajendra Dhole, her trainer, shared on Instagram.

“Girls like you are an inspiration to the world. She came back from the shoot yesterday and she is in the gym the very next day with fatigue and sleep deprivation,” Dhole wrote.

Acknowledging, Disha took to her Instagram Stories and replied, “Thanks for always pushing me, sir!”

In the video, the Malang actor can be seen lifting weights as part of a “quick glutes and hamstrings session”.

Dhole shared that Disha did a mix of squats, hip abduction-adduction, and hip-thrust for the glutes, along with seated leg curl, lying down cable leg curls, and stiff leg deadlift to work her hamstrings.

Why is it important to strengthen the hamstrings and glutes?

The stronger the glutes the better will be your ability to run, sprint, squat, sit, and deadlift. “From the perspective of regular functionality, picking up heavy objects from ground, playing any sport, going on a trek etc are very much dependent on our hip muscles, as they are one of main contributors in performing the above-stated activities,” said Rachit Dua, co-founder, Fitpathshala, an online fitness academy.

Harmstringstoo, aid the body in pushing the hip joint forward. Stronger the hamstrings are, the faster you can stop and change direction, a critical component of any endurance performance.

According to Dua, squats, lunges, deadlifts, hip thrusts make the glutes “super strong”. “These are the primary movements that aid hip extension and therefore, strengthen the glute muscle. However, there are many variations of these exercises depending upon the level of the practitioner,” Dua expressed.

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