Get fit after bank holidays – with easy routines at the comfort of your own home. Christmas and other bank holidays are the time of cookies and other sweet treats – Christmas goose, gingerbread and speculoos. In between still a few sweets. And the evening feast is already on the table. Exercise and sports are often neglected.

Every new year we make our fix resolution

  • to feast less at the next feast…
  • to move more…
  • and to keep fit even on quiet days.

Good resolutions that are easy to put into practice – by exercising at home with simple exercises! Especially in Corona time, exercise ensures the release of the happy hormone endorphin, which provides a feeling of satisfaction and keeps mentally fit.
If you settle into your comfort zone now, it will be hard to get out of it in March! In these times, fitness videos help you get moving.

Here are five effective exercises that fit into any time frame and living room:

1. Static plank (“plank”)

Forearms parallel to each other. Elbows parallel at the level of the shoulders. Center of the body and buttocks are actively tensed tightly. The upper body is a straight line with the hips …and NO hollow back.
Muscles activated: trunk, arms and shoulders. Goal: Hold 3x for 30 seconds each.

2. Diagonal crunches

In a slow and motion execution, bring the elbow to the knee. Permanently stabilize the head with the hands. Press the lower back against the floor and tense the abdomen.
Activated muscles: oblique abdominal muscles Target: 3x 30 seconds

3. Mountain climbers

Arms are straight under the shoulders. One leg is extended at a time while the other leg is bent and brought to the elbow. The abdomen and buttocks are permanently under tension. The elbows point outwards and slightly obliquely towards the back.
Activated muscles: abdominal muscles, arms, shoulders Target: 3x 15 repetitions

4. Squats

Shift body weight to the bottom of the feet, keeping the knees behind the tops of the feet and slightly rotated outward. Stand shoulder width apart and slowly bend hips 90 degrees. Tighten the buttocks and thighs and pull the shoulder blades together. The head remains in extension of the spine and the back remains straight.
Muscles activated: buttocks and thighs Target: 3 times for 30 seconds each.

5. Leg and trunk lift (lying down)

The upper body and head lie straight on the floor. Press the lower back firmly to the floor so that the abdomen is tense.Slowly raise and lower the legs without momentum. When lifting, slightly lift the buttocks.
Activated muscles: abdomen, torso, legs Target: 3x 15 repetition

IT’S DONE! This is how you manage to stay fit (or get fit) if you lost shape after the holidays – implementing good resolutions 2021 made easy!


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