How Daniel Craig trained for the new James Bond – in “No Time to Die,” Daniel Craig plays the role of James Bond for the last time. How he trained himself into top shape for it. Plus: his favorite exercises to try out.

Original article in German: Men`s Health, “So trainierte Daniel Craig für den neuen James Bond”

For his Bond farewell Daniel Craig has been drilled harder than ever

After a long wait, James Bond is finally back in cinemas all over the world. In “No Time to Die,” Daniel Craig plays the role of of the famous secret agent 007 for the 5th and last time. For many men, however, James Bond is not only a movie hero, but also a body idol. The secret agent stands for masculinity, trained muscles, elegance and style. Ever since his Bond debut in Casino Royal (2006), Daniel Craig has been considered the most trained Bond of all time. He won’t disappoint his fans in “No Time to Die either”. For his Bond farewell, the 53-year-old has been training harder than ever. Men`s Health talked to his personal trainer and tell you how to get fit like James Bond.

Who trained Daniel Craig or James Bond?

The man responsible for Daniel Craig’s fitness is personal trainer Simon Waterson. The pro trainer also coached him for the other Bond films, as well as Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan, among others. The former Marine knows exactly how to get the stars ready for the movies. “Working for James Bond is really very special, the role is very well known and requires very special athleticism and an extremely high level of fitness. We trained as if we were preparing Daniel for the Olympics,” Simon says. Waterson describes the preparation as very hard and meticulous. This special James Bond workout is printed on the Men`s Health site; please see the link below.

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