Karishma Tanna’s gym game is getting better with every day. The actor, who is a fitness enthusiast and swears by high intensity fitness routine, shared a fresh snippet off the gym diaries on her Instagram profile on Saturday and we are smitten. Karishma, who recently got married to her fiancé Varun Bangera, is back to the gym in style.

Karishma, last month, took a break from her gym routine for almost a month. The actor spent Christmas and New Years in style and indulged in her favourite food and celebrations. The actor, speaking of her break, noted down that it is important to take an off from the intense fitness routine and take part in activities that we crave, as it helps us to recharge our mind and body and return back to fitness with fresh enthusiasm.

Karishma also keeps sharing snippets of her fitness diaries with husband Varun on her Instagram stories. Right after tying the knot, the couple had an intense fitness routine together. If that’s not fitness goals for us, what can be?

However, on Saturday, Karishma was spotted in the gym working out on her balance and her strength. In the video, Karishma can be seen balancing her body on a bosu ball and performing several routines. Karishma can be seen balancing her body on one leg with her other leg stretched sideways to hold her hand. In another snippet, Karishma can be seen circling a gym equipment around her one lifted leg on the bosu ball. “Hello weekend,”” this is how Karishma welcomed the weekend. Take a look:

Bodu ball workouts come with multiple health benefits. It helps in improving the overall balance of the body. It also helps in developing the coordination between the muscles and the nerves. Bosu ball is used in stretching, rehabilitation and strength training as well.

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