Nirmal Singh started his journey as a fitness trainer at the age of 22 and is now achieving new milestones every year.

Simply setting our hearts onto something doesn’t help in achieving our goals. Hard work, dedication, commitment, and consistency, are what bring one closer to their goal. Such is the story of Nirmal Singh. A man inclined towards the fitness world since childhood is living the dream.

He started his career in the fitness world as a fitness trainer. He vigorously trained under professionals, honed his skills, and worked as a fitness trainer for three years. He helped many fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals.

To gain more expertise, he practiced as a fitness manager and later, got certified as a professional health and fitness trainer. In 2019, he began his fitness venture – Nirmal Fitness, open to youth and fitness buffs. He says, “My motto is that health isn’t in looks but a feeling. I believe whole-heartedly in my mission to get people Up and Moving.

Nirmal is an enthusiast, athlete, fitness influencer, certified personal trainer, and entrepreneur. He is a skilled professional when we talk about health and fitness. He has helped hundreds of people and several celebrities to obtain the desired body they had in mind. He provides various fitness programs such as muscle mass gain, weight gain, weight loss, fat loss, workout plans, diet plans, supplement guidance at minimal prices.

Nirmal believes in the fitness of mind, body, and soul. He rolled out online training programs for people’s ease to train at home during the pandemic. The online training plans and programs include diet plans, powerlifting, supplement guidance, workout plans, and building an athlete-like body. Apart from online training, he conducts one-on-one training, and group training sessions too.

As a contestant, he has participated in the Open Mr. Delhi and Mr. India competitions. He has also been an impeccable trainer to those preparing to participate in classic bodybuilding, powerlifting, physique/bikini model competitions.

With over 423K followers on Instagram, he has created his fandom. His followers make sure that they are up-to-date with his fitness wisdom and videos.

In over a decade, Nirmal Fitness has become a brand in itself. A man born and brought up in the capital city – New Delhi, has built a thriving life for himself with his hard work, dedication, and zeal to achieve his goals.

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