One of the fittest actors in Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth is extremely disciplined and dedicated when it comes to his diet and workout routine. For the first part of Thor, Hemsworth started training with former Navy SEAL Duffy Gaver who used an old-school bodybuilding approach with extra attention to his shoulders and arms. If his Mjölnir-throwing arms have inspired you, read on to know more!

Hemsworth’s workout plan is all about intensity, dedication, and consistency. According to his personal trainer Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth usually includes traditional bodybuilding and functional training in his workout routine. He lifts a lot of weights quite often. Some exercises he swears by include bench presses, back squats, bear crawls, deadlifts and pull-ups. For Thor, Hemsworth also used to do iron and bodyweight circuit training.

“I now have a far greater range of motion and stronger core. I do a lot more pull-ups and things like that, more high-intensity stuff and extra bodyweight moves,” Hemsworth told Boss Hunting about upping his functional and core workouts. “I work in a cardio element into my weight training,” he said.

For Thor: Love and Thunder, he had to push extra hard to transform into Thor. “This was probably the biggest and fittest I’ve ever been. We had 12 months where I was at home just training and puppeteering the body and manipulating,” he said. He incorporated swimming and martial arts to pack in more muscles and adjust calories to achieve the target weight.

According to his chef and food expert Sergio Perera, Hemsworth starts his day with a green shake made of low-glycemic fruits, five-six different types of vegetables and leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fats, and sea salt. For protein, he has a mix of rice, hemp, peas, and red meat like lamb chops.

For Thor, Hemsworth relied on a protein-rich diet, and ate six times a day! “With the months leading up to the shoot and during filming, I’m basically overfeeding myself on protein and endless amounts of chicken breast, eggs, steak, fish, vegetables, tuna, avocado, cottage cheese, and brown rice,” he told Boss Hunting.

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