Roots of Pilates – looking back to the birthday of a fascinating fitness and health philosophy. More than 100 years ago an astonishing journey begun. Designed to challenge your strength, flexibility and coordination, Pilates aims to put your body in perfect balance.

Pilates is a mind-body practice that focuses on breathing, concentration, and physical alignment to achieve a stronger, more flexible body. The exercises are designed to increase your range of motion and build muscle strength without bulk.

Pilates started during the first World War

During the first World War, Joseph Pilates served as an orderly at a military camp, working with bed-ridden patients. Many of these patients were not able to move, but that did nothing to deter Pilates’ determination to help them gain strength and mobility. Experimenting with his patients and on his own, Pilates devised a series of controlled exercises that engaged both mind and body. Watching patients carefully, Pilates saw them become more active and alert. The men taking part in Pilates’ exercise regime recovered more effectively than those who did not.

Roots of Pilates
Roots of Pilates – practising everytime and eveywhere

Exercises the practical way – beyond any fitness and gym equipment

At one point Pilates removed bedsprings from beneath the beds. He attached them to the walls at or above bed level. These springs were used to excercise. His contraption later inspired the Reformer, a popular Pilates exercise machine utilizing springs, straps, and a box to perform a variety of exercises.

Eary documentation showed astonishing healthy benefits

Those who performed Pilates exercises developed not only a strong immune system. They managed to escape a deadly plague that killed many at the time. Not one of Pilates students died from the influenza epidemic of this time which he claimed was due to the result of his work. None of Pilates’ followers succumbed even though the camps, where many were located were the hardest hit.

Roots of Pilates – more modern then ever

Becoming involved in a Pilates program will change the way you think about your body, exercise, and ultimately your total well-being – even in our modern times.


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