Sayani Gupta’s empowering advance to fitness will serve you all the weekend motivation you need to keep going

Seizing each day with a strapping sweat session and swearing by yoga, Sayani Gupta champions an uncomplicated yet versatile fitness circuit. Slaying the OTT world one project at a time, the Four More Shots Please! actor is steadily shelling out fresh fitness goals and empowering fans by often sharing snippets of her well-rounded workout regime. Moving beyond the gym as she combats the entertainment industry’s inimical diet culture, and builds body confidence, Gupta’s fitness mantra focuses on self-love and breaking the monotony. Ahead, we round up fitness lessons to learn from Sayani Gupta’s unprecedented approach to health and wellness.

Find your wake up call

Perfecting difficult poses with ease under the guidance of her gurus Eric Angus and Mihir Jogh, Sayani Gupta has established herself as quite the yogini. Swearing by her morning yoga practices, the actor reaps the benefits of the discipline and starts her days off on a calm and concentrated note. Morning yoga sessions offer gains in getting rid of muscle stiffness, letting go of any unsettled stress from the day before, improving one’s digestive system, and endorphin production. So get, set, go and take cues from the Sherdil actor as you find an a.m. fitness mantra that works for you!

Break the monotony

While HIIT routines, cardio sessions, and weight training workout plans each have benefits of their own, if you find it hard to keep motivated and caught up in the dreariness of a fitness rut, try breaking the monotony of your regime and take a step out of the box. Sayani turned to taking up pole-dancing sessions and explored basic spins, climbs, and even a fairy sit to keep her blood pumping and her spirit stimulated. Requiring the same levels of athleticism, elegance, and skill as any gymnastics set or even ballet, pole-dancing is a great activity to help build upper body, core, and leg strength.

Comfort is key

For the Article 15 actor, as she shares in an Instagram post, dance has always been a medium of solace, or a ‘first love’ that has helped keep her moving and inspired for as long as she can remember. A fine approach for those of all ages to keep fit and build muscle tone, dancing or dance workouts are more than just a physical activity but also an excellent and enjoyable medium of self-expression. If you’re looking to switch up your sweat sessions with a workout close to heart, try branching out and incorporate a comforting yet energising activity like dancing into your fitness regime.

Combatting the no-carb diet culture

Blessed with a strong metabolism, Sayani Gupta believes that indulging in the diet that you like without any guilt is the best way to digest your meals. Following an eat what your ancestors ate mantra, while the actor tries to keep her meals simple by incorporating fresh and healthy ingredients, she’s also a fan of pampering herself with a cheat-day every once in a while. Remember ladies, if you’ve worked hard to earn it, the carbs will always be worth it.

Train to your tunes

If you find yourself jamming to music while doing chores, travelling, or even relaxing, what’s stopping you from keeping pace with a playlist? Backed by science, listening to music when exercising has proved to elevate and motivate one to exercise harder and keep them in a groove. Whether you’re also a part of the BTS ARMY like Sayani Gupta or prefer the pop route, try tuning into your favourite tunes as your train and you’ll notice all the difference.

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