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8 Reasons You Arent Losing Weight

This article below from www.everydayhealth.com provides a very eye-opening list why the pounds are not shrinking - although you do everything possible from your...
Fit After 50 Reviews – Proven Fitness Workouts for Men with Mark Mcilyar?

Fit After 50 Reviews – Workouts with Mark Mcilyar

Fit After 50 is by Mark Mcilyar as well as likewise is customized to help people work out from residence with easy exercises that...
Kristin Cavallari Says She Is 'Really Proud' of Her Fitness Journey After Weight Gain

Kristin Cavallari Is ‘Really Proud’ of Her Fitness Journey

“I work out really hard and am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and I think just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I...
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Opens Up About New Fitness Journey and Says Being ‘Thin’ Is ‘Old-Fashioned’

Victoria Beckham has long been a fashion and beauty icon (we can’t get enough of her go-to hydrating face mist), but after a new...
Chris Hemsworth’s Limitless Co-Star Describes His ‘Obscene’ Fitness Regimen For Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness Regimen For Extraction 2

Over the years, if you’ve watched the Marvel movies in order, you’ve seen Chris Hemsworth maintain an impeccable physique as the God of Thunder. Clearly,...