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Burn Fat With Bodyweight Workout

Your gym is closed? No problem - start to burn fat with bodyweight workout at home! To melt your body from overweight and extra...

5 Fitness lessons to learn from Janhvi Kapoor

Whether she's polishing her pilates skills or strength training with ropes – Janhvi Kapoor's fitness mantra revolves around physical consistency. Vogue India (www.vogue.in) delivers...
Kristin Cavallari Says She Is 'Really Proud' of Her Fitness Journey After Weight Gain

Kristin Cavallari Is ‘Really Proud’ of Her Fitness Journey

“I work out really hard and am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and I think just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I...
Billie Eilish Shared Her New Approach to Fitness: 'I'm a Gym Rat Now'

Billie Eilish Is A Gym Rat Now

Billie Eilish shared that she used to avoid working out, but now hits the gym daily. Eilish is officially a newly-minted gym-goer. During a recent...
64-Year-Old Bodybuilding Granny Shares Timeless Wisdom for Those Eager to Achieve Their Fitness Goals: “We Can Change”

64-Year-Old Bodybuilding Granny Shares Her Secret

64-year-old bodybuilding granny shares timeless wisdom for those eager to achieve their Fitness Goals: “We Can Change”. It’s never too late to achieve the...