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Go for fit to burn fat

Go For Fit To Burn Fat – How To Lose Pounds

Go for fit to burn fat - this formula brings it down to the essence. Shedding undesirable body fat can be a challenging procedure....
Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Baena Recreates His Dad’s Classic Bodybuilding Pose

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Recreates Dad’s Classic Pose

Joseph Baena, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, has clearly inherited some good genes from his father. His passion for bodybuilding combined with his genetic gift...
Traings hacks for busy people

Training Hacks For Busy People

Early rising, hasty breakfast, quickly getting the kids and yourself ready, rushing off, standing in traffic jams or crowded subways, meetings, conferences, household, shopping,...
Food for building muscle

Five Food For Building Muscle

When you are building muscle, than special food will support your goal. This will lead to lean muscles and improve your nutrition.
Ananya Panday’s approach to fitness revolves around aerial yoga and exercising alfresco

Ananya Panday’s approach to fitness

Manifesting unfaltering dedication both on and off-screen, Ananya Panday's 'less is more' fitness mantra impugns the young actor's age. Often taking to social media to...