Early rising, hasty breakfast, quickly getting the kids and yourself ready, rushing off, standing in traffic jams or crowded subways, meetings, conferences, household, shopping, daily obligations. Sinking onto the couch in the evening, a little bit screen – dead tired into bed. But TODAY the New Year’s resolutions (“more sports”) should have been implemented. But how – when you don’t have any time. Does this sound familiar? Here are training hacks for busy people to get you activated:

As soon as you understand that there are a lot of chances over a day, new thinking arise. You will see opportunities to get yourself in motion.

1. Short & Crisp Bodyweight Training.

On YouTube you will find many ideas on how to train with your own body weight as a routine. The big big advantage of bodyweight exercises: You can do it when – and wherever you want: On a simple chair, in front of the TV screen, or even in the hotelroom – you name it.

2. Basic Exercises Are The Foundation Of Your Training Progress.

A muscle only needs two sustainable impulses per week to get stronger. Focus on exercises which involve several muscle goups at once, for example squats, push-ups, rowing exercises.

3. Set The Morning Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier.

Prepare your training gear in the evening (you could even sleep in it), prepare a coffee machine or tea water, set the alarm clock. Warm up for 5 minutes and then start the day with a short-crisp workout. Go for jogging, strength training at home with dumbbells or a bodyweight workout.

Trainings hacks for busy people
Trainings hacks for busy people

4. Use The Commute To Work.

Walking, jogging or cycling would be ideal. If this is not feasible, you can get off one station earlier. And/or do static exercises DURING the ride (e.g. fully contract abdominal muscles for 10 seconds – break – 5-10 repetitions).

5. Walking Meeting.

Combine phone calls and meetings with a walk. In most cases, the conversation is even more productive in terms of content in this way. The reason: Movement promotes creativity and thus finding solutions. That way, it’s easy to collect 10,000 steps a day (and more).

6. Combine Other Activities With Sports.

Listen to audiobooks while exercising. Or you can watch your favourite series with a moderate cardio session on the bicycle ergometer or elliptical cross trainer. Prepare for lectures or exams on the cardio machine or during walks. This list continues…

7. The Pull-Up Bar Trick.

You attach a pull-up bar in a door that you walk through regularly. Every time you go through it, you do a pull-up. If you are consistent, you can double your pull-ups in a few weeks.

How easy trainings hacks can help you, even if you are busy!

As you see: There are simply no excuses to review the week with no sports activities. It is all about your mindset. If these hacks support your thinking, the goal of this video is reached.

See also on Branka’s YouTube channel

Full credits to Mark Maslow and his brilliant site www.marathonfitness.de (German language)


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