That dedication and motivation play an important role in one’s fitness journey is a fact that requires no retelling. So if you are struggling with motivation to kickstart your fitness journey, all you need to do is turn towards actor Disha Patani who leaves no stone unturned to reach her goals.

In a recent post on Instagram, the Baaghi 2 actor could be seen doing a mix of barbell workouts.

Take a look.

“Just another day in the life…,” she captioned the post in which she did a mix of barbell lunges, hip thrusters, and barbell squats.

Her trainer, Rajendra Dhole, also shared the same video on his Instagram and wrote: “There are no off days when your goal is to be better everyday compared to every yesterday.”

Why barbell bodyweight training is essential

According to Bala Krishna Reddy Dabbedi, a fitness expert and co-founder, director at FITTR, bodyweight exercises are “excellent for quadriceps and glute muscles”. “All these exercises are compound movements targeting the lower body muscles — quadriceps, glutes and adductors. Apart from hamstrings, the selection of exercises is excellent for development of the lower body,too,” said Reddy Dabbedi, adding that “Strength training should be an integral part of everyone’s daily workout regime.”

“One of the best attributes of strength training is that it helps in burning calories not only during the workout but also in the resting state. This is because muscles need more energy to sustain as well as repair post strength training. Since women have a tendency to develop age-related osteoporosis, adding strength training to their routine can help increase muscle mass and improve overall bone mineral density,” the expert said.

According to Reddy Dabbedi, one can use free weights, resistance bands, as well bodyweight exercises to their strength training regime. “Additionally, weight training is an excellent way of achieving a better body composition,” he said.

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