At some point, we’ve all heard how important it is to have a strong core. Just as the core is at the center of the body, it’s also at the center of many of the movements we perform on a daily basis. According to Harvard Health, our core muscles support bending, twisting, carrying, and reaching motions. They also play a crucial role in stability and balance, which helps prevent falls and injuries. And one of the core’s most important jobs is supportung correct posture, which is essential to preventing chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Professional athlete and personal trainer Kari Pearce says that a strong core is also the key to fitness, which is why she created her PowerAbs workout program. In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Pearce explained why a strong core is essential for every kind of workout and how to strengthen your core muscles to improve your overall fitness.

Powering movements with your core

Kari Pearce discovered the importance of core strength as a competitive gymnast. A lot of her off-the-mat training focused on building a powerful core.

“If you’ve ever tried gymnastics or competed on a collegiate level yourself, you understand how much emphasis is put on building a strong core in order to complete the movements,” Pearce said.

As she moved into the world of competitive weightlifting and then competitive CrossFit, Pearce discovered that the core strength training she’d done as a gymnast was just as effective for these sports. She also noticed that her personal training clients got stronger and fitter faster by following a core strength program she developed based on the workouts she’d done as a gymnast.

Pearce decided to write down everything she’d learned about building a strong, powerful core and turn it into a workout program – PowerAbs. She explained that by focusing on proper form and working abdominal and back muscles that traditional core workouts don’t focus on, PowerAbs teaches people to power each movement in their workouts with their core. This makes each movement safer and more powerful, and it contributes to building muscle all over the body.

No matter what your fitness goals are, Pearce insists that building your core muscles should be at the core of your workouts.

Check out Kari Pearce, the award-winning fitness trainer who has taken the business world by storm by starting two successful fitness brands — PowerAbs! and PHIIT — by visiting her website.

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