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5 Easy and Quick Tips for Fitness Enthusiasts on How to Remain Fit During Festive Season

5 Easy Tips How to Remain Fit During Festive Season

It will knock earlier on your door as you might feel: The festive season! But how to stay fit resp. don`t get overweighted? These...

8 Reasons You Arent Losing Weight

This article below from provides a very eye-opening list why the pounds are not shrinking - although you do everything possible from your...
Traings hacks for busy people

Find out if you should workout when sick

Many fitness enthusiasts continue to exercise even on days they do not feel well thinking that not working out may put a dent on...
Don't Overthink These Things When You're Getting Into Fitness

Don’t Overthink These Things When You’re Getting Into Fitness

(Original article at There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about fitness, which isn’t so surprising when you think about how it means...
Fat burning yoga

Yoga – A Guide to Helping the Body and Mind Receive

Discover ten ways for an amazing fat burning Yoga exercise. One way may not be the best for everyone, but these can be a...

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Staying Strong At 60 – What The Magazines Aren’t Telling You

Staying strong at 60 and beyond is a very important component in your quest to enjoy your current lifestyle and set yourself up for an enjoyable and active retirement. If you're looking to have more energy, improved immune response, handle stress better and keep your bone density higher to better protect you, you'll need to focus on building your strength. It's not hard to do, but you'll need to train differently than you would to build muscle size.

How You Can Improve Your Physical Fitness in Your Busy Daily...

24 hours a day may seem like a lot, but there is never enough time to complete tasks like a job, studies, meeting up...

The power of the yoga exercises will help you

The power of the yoga exercises will help your body distribute blood and oxygen to your muscles and organs more effectively. The increased flow...

When Disha Patani set massive fitness goals with barbell workouts

That dedication and motivation play an important role in one’s fitness journey is a fact that requires no retelling. So if you are struggling...

Fitness Pro Tried Khloe Kardashian’s Butt Workout

A FITNESS professional has tried Khloe Kardashian's butt workout and was bewildered by how minimalistic and easy it was to complete. The Kardashian-Jenner clan is known...

64-Year-Old Bodybuilding Granny Shares Her Secret

64-year-old bodybuilding granny shares timeless wisdom for those eager to achieve their Fitness Goals: “We Can Change”. It’s never too late to achieve the...

Health And Fitness Mistakes Women Need to Stop Making

You look out of shape, have you put on some extra kilos? These are very common things to hear when your weight is on...

How To Dress For a Gym Workout

How to dress for a gym workout - a very relvant question regarding your feel good. After a hard workout, you'll feel exhausted, tired,...


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Cristiano Ronaldo's fitness drill - workout and diet

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fitness drill – workout and diet

The living legend is worshipped by millions across the world for his prowess and fitness. The five-time Ballon d'Or winner's fitness routine and...
Selena Gomez Launched Her New ‘Mental Fitness’ Site, Wondermind

Selena Gomez Launched Her New ‘Mental Fitness’ Site, Wondermind

Last week, Selena Gomez quietly announced the launch of her new “mental fitness” site, Wondermind , a partnership between Gomez, Newsette CEO Daniella Pierson,...
How To Shape Female Proportions

How To Shape Female Proportions successfully?

Toned Look Helps shaping Female Proportions How to shape female proportions successfully - many women are striving for knowing the answer how to achieve this...

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